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Practice Videos

The NFL Flag has put together a series of practice videos to assist coaches with running practices.  Each video focuses on techniques that all players should have to excel on the field and drills that will enforce each technique as well as teach players the fundamentals of the game.    

Click on the number next to the video to watch it.

Quarterback Skills & Techniques 

This video teaches various skills including proper stances, positioning when throwing the ball, how to throw the ball and more.  

Quarterback Skills & Techniques (continued)/Quarterback Drills   

This video continues the techniques from the previous video and also begins quarterback drills that you can incorporate in your practices.

Quarterback Drills (continued) / Wide Receiver & Running Back Skills & Techniques 

This video dives into the quarterback drills and how they benefit the player.  The second half of the video begins  with skills that your players will need at wide receiver and running back such as lining up at the line of scrimmage and how to position your feet before the snap. 

Wide Receiver & Running Back Skills & Techniques 

The previous video is continued in this one with more in depth techniques on how to catch the ball and how to position your body when catching the ball.  The Second half of the video pertains more to route running and drills that can be used in your practice.   

Wide Receiver Route Running (continued) / Wide Receiver Catching Drills 

This video continues the route running drills and then starts to incorporate the route running drills with catching drills that would be very useful to any team of any level.  

Wide Receiver Catching Drills (continued) / Defensive Back Techniques (Flag Pulling) & Zone Defense 

This video continues the Wide Receiver Catching Drills and also focuses Defensive Back Techniques such as positioning and footwork.  

Zone Defense (continued) / Defense Back Drills  

This video focuses on the purpose of zone defense and also provides many Defensive Back Drills that focus on each position on the defense.